Story Time Series #1

I’m excited to announce the Story Time Series where I share stories of random things that happen to me. At this point, all stories are true and free of embellishment but who knows where we’ll end up!


I stepped off the A train onto the subway platform and headed toward the exit. It was a sunny Saturday morning so the station was emptier than on my normal commute days. I turned toward the stairs to make my way above ground, when a guy dressed in a black sweatsuit and a black baseball hat pushed past me, clearly in a hurry. I moved to the side to let him by and continued up the stairs behind him. We were the only two on that set of stairs leaving the subway. He was a few feet in front of me when a large yellow envelope fell out of his coat pocket onto the steps. He didn’t notice as he hurried away. I called out to him, “Hey! Excuse me! You dropped something!” He had headphones in and couldn’t hear me. I picked up the envelope, and I kid you not, on the front was the word CONFIDENTIAL written in red sharpie. So obviously, this is the moment I run after this guy and save his life by delivering the envelope. I call my boss to quit my job and join his international spy team. Then I become the #1 spy in our agency, saving the world along the way, we fall in love and live happily ever after. This scenario runs through my head before I get to the top of the stairs. He is at least 6’3” and a very fast walker. I start chasing after him, “Excuse me! Sir!” Even an exasperated, “Dude!” escapes my mouth. Ick. I finally catch up to him in the middle of a crosswalk. I reach out to touch his elbow (I can see the meet-cute being written now), he turns to look at me. His expression turns from confusion into… is that annoyance? “Um you dropped this on the stairs back there,” I say as clearly as I can muster with this handsome stranger glaring at me. 

He reaches out to take the envelope I’m shoving at him, “okay,” turning away to walk across the sidewalk. 

Okay?! Are you kidding me?! I just saved you so much stress! Not even a “thank you”?! I find myself indignant in the middle of the street. Trying to gather my bearings, I realize I just ran a block and a half away from my work and the light just turned green, giving the line of cars I’m blocking full permission to run me over. I jog back to the side of the street I came from and turn around to look for the mystery man. He’s gone, and I’m left to believe I imagined the whole thing. The only thing that says otherwise is the heaving of my lungs from chasing after him.